Monday, September 6, 2010

Congressional pay (national and state levels)

I've been thinking about Congressional pay lately, and want to get your thoughts on this suggestion. Ignoring for a second the actual feasibility of this idea, what do you think about paying Congress the median income for the U.S. (or a particular state) instead of the $100,000 they currently make? I think this might produce an incentive to legislate in a way that will produce better fiscal benefits for most citizens (as opposed to say, major shareholders, etc.). I realize this would also mean that people running for Congress will likely be financially sound, but that's the case already. I'm thinking here of producing an institutionalized incentive structured into the pay scale in a way that will motivate Senators and Representatives to make and support policies that will better reflect the need of a majority of citizens, as opposed to say, major campaign donors. What are your thoughts?

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