Monday, February 27, 2012

Funding Cuts in Baton Rouge to Mental Health Services in New Orleans

Here's a story by Tom Gogola, staff writer for The Lens on state cuts to the city's in-patient mental health services.  As someone concerned with violent crime, this is particularly troubling.  Click here for the entire story.

City officials met Thursday morning to try and solve a nagging $15 million problem: How to restore critical health-care money for LSU Interim Hospital cut from Gov. Bobby Jindal’s mid-year budget adjustment.
Hospital officials responded by proposing cuts to in-patient mental health and substance-abuse services now offered at the facility. Though Jindal’s office didn’t say where the cuts were to be made, hospital officials say many programs can’t be touched, leaving them little choice but to pare down the areas proposed.
After last week’s announcement of the proposed cut, local politicians have been proffering a draconian vision of a city that can ill-afford any backsliding in its mental-health and substance-abuse services.

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