Sunday, June 23, 2013

FCC Makes Available Hundreds of Low Power, FM Radio Stations for Community Organizations: Apply Now

As part of the Local Community Radio Acts, Congress recently acted to support a movement that will make thousands of low-power, FM radio stations available for local, community organizations and groups. There is only a short window period to sign up (October 15-29 2013). The FCC encourages you to start your application early (i.e., right now, you don't need to wait until October) so that it is properly prepared come the application review period.  Applications should be submitted electronically to the FCC.  Sign up at Prometheus Radio Project to learn how to start your own station (click here for a pdf version of the application). You can access an application check list here, and click here for a free webinar on how to start a station.

Here, you can read the FCC's Public Notice.

Here's the report from Democracy Now.

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