Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crime Cameras and Crap

Does anyone know what's going on with those crime cameras?  I heard there was a law suit or something.  I gut busted three times for speeding.  It sucks.  It'd be one thing if I was going unreasonably fast, but I really wasn't.  I won't drive on Henry Clay anymore, got busted there going like 40 in a 35 or something like that, twice.  I don't think that's unreasonably fast.  You can't really go fast on most of these roads, they're too small and full of pot holes, it's like built in speed bumps,  Go too fast and you'll get messed up.  The ticket I got today was on Jackson and something.  I don't even know, I just said 'shit' and looked at the amount.  $75.00.  Maybe that will help the city fill the killer pot hole out in front of my house.  There's been an orange cone there for like 2 months.  Anyway, I switched my car insurance the other day and I asked about speeding tickets counting against me, and the agent mentioned something about a court case.  Does anyone know anything about this?


  1. Ok, I looked at the latest ticket more closely. Apparently I was going 32mph in a 20mph school zone, on the corner of Jackson and Chesnut. This is bogus. Nobody actually drives 20 mphs in any zone. I'm sure the officer who's somehow associated with this ticket doesn't drive 20 mphs in school zones. Especially in the summer, at 7:08pm, when school is out.

  2. Yup, they ran that racket all summer with the school zone cameras. Contact the constituent services person in your councilmember's office. Tickets here are notoriously hard to fight, and courts here like to tack on administrative and court costs even if you do win your appeal.

    My understanding is that camera tickets will not go on your insurance because they are technically civil violations and not traffic violations, as the latter must be issued by a real live police officer.

  3. Thanks for the info E.J. Yeah, based on what my insurance agent said, speeding tickets should not count against me.

    Oh yeah, and congrats, you're my first commenter, beside myself ;)
    Thanks for reading.