Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trayvon Martin: Audio from 102 JAMZ in Orlando

Here's some of the audio of the Trayvon Martin rally in Sanford, Florida taken from 102 JAMZ radio station in Orlando.  Included in this audio sample are clips from the rally, activists and people calling into the show.  One note is that Melony Torres calls for a Sanford boycott.  Don't purchase anything or spend any money in Sanford, Florida.

I'd like to write more about this and have a lot to say.  I haven't been able to mainly because of how much emotional energy and strength it takes to talk about this.  I'm a bit ashamed of myself for not just digging in and writing a long, thoughtful post, but I just can't find it in me right now.  Even thinking about it is difficult.  I will say one thing, the white, conservative response to this is classic character assassination and it's despicable.  To blame Trayvon for anything having to do with his killing is cowardly, pitiful and heartless.  Further, where's the investigation of Zimmerman and how is he still free?  This is disgusting.

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