Friday, November 25, 2011

Mental Health in New Orleans

Does anyone have any data on homelessness and mental health in New Orleans, or crime/criminal justice and mental health in the city?  I'll take any stats (tell me the original source if you know it) or anecdotal accounts.  Ultimately I want to know the number of homeless who are arrested and who also have been diagnosed with a mental health issue.  Any information is appreciated.  What mental health services currently exist in the city?  Are they residential or out patient?  What's the average length of time of continued service?  How much does service cost?  How clean and safe are they?  Are the same people recycled through them?  Have you seen any changes in this population over the past few years (since Katrina)?  How can we better serve this population?

The same questions apply to homeless shelters.

Anything would be helpful.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Senate Votes against Net Neutrality Repeal

Courtesy of TalkingPointsMemo:

The Senate on Thursday voted 52 to 46 against a Republican-sponsored piece of legislation designed to repeal the “network neutrality” rules established by the Federal Communications Commission in December 2010.  Click here for more information on today's vote.

This is something every blogger and user of the web should be keeping an eye on.  Net Neutrality--the idea that all data transmitted across the internet should be treated as equally important and accessible.  The concern is that should net neutrality fail (something many communications companies are hoping for) then consumers would be charged different amounts to access different webpage.  Further, those of us who host a webpage would eventually have to "pay into" special bundled packages that allow for quick access among web surfers (kind of like cable packages).

Mike Tyson as Herman Cain

Thanks to TalkingPointsMemo:
BTW: I'm down with pizza pthursdays replacing taco tuesdays.